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Exhibition: «ECWATECH - 2020»
Carrying out terms: 08-10 September, 2020
Carrying out place: CROCUS EXPO

Letter of thanks from WiseTech

WiseTech would like to express its gratitude to NORD EXPO and its employees for the competent and efficient work on creating a project and building a stand at the «ECWATECH-2020» exhibition. NORD EXPO promptly and competently developed the stand project, ensured the construction of the stand from high quality materials on time. WiseTech is satisfied with the work done and expresses its gratitude for the cooperation.

General Director A.P. Lutavin

Exhibition: «WorldFood Moscow - 2020» 
Carrying out terms: 22-25 September, 2020 
Carrying out place: CROCUS EXPO

Letter of thanks from MOSAGRO

In the world of bureaucracy and low professionalism, there is a ray of hope - the team of the Nord Expo company! Professionalism, high responsibility, a sense of humor and a desire to make one's work better served as the basis for cooperation in project implementation, design development and construction of the Agroholding Moskovsky stand at the «WorldFood 2020» exhibition. "It's great that we are all gathered here today!" The union of managers of the "Moskovsky" team and Megaprofessionals Mr. Alexander Provotorov, Natalia Klypina was the basis for the creation of the triumphal stand "Agroholding Moskovsky" Thanks friends. Thanks a lot! Success, stability and reliable business development.

General Director Sidorov S.S.

Exhibition: «ARMY - 2020»
Carrying out terms: 23-29 August, 2020
Carrying out place: PATRIOT

Letter of thanks from IVK

We would like to thank all Nord Expo employees for their professionalism in the design and construction of our stand. Nord Expo has already twice deservedly won our tenders, showing the best qualities of the project executor - efficiency, creativity and flexibility. This year, Nord Expo offered several design options for our stand. The result of our joint work on the chosen design was an extremely interesting and non-standard stand of the IVK company at the exhibition of the International military-technical forum "Army-2020", which was built by Nord Expo with high quality and on time. All our colleagues and partners liked the stand and stood out from other stands at the exhibition. We express our special gratitude to the project manager Alexander Provotorov for prompt high-quality work and control over the progress of the project at all its stages. We also want to note the creative approach shown by the employees who worked on the development of the design project. We wish Nord Expo success and prosperity! We are confident that our cooperation will continue in the future!

General Director Sizonenko G.E.

Exhibition: «BATIMAT RUSSIA - 2020»
Carrying out terms: 03-06 March, 2020
Carrying out place: CROCUS EXPO

Letter of thanks from CONCEPT M

«CONCEPT M» thanks NORD EXPO for building an exhibition stand at «BATIMAT RUSSIA-2020». During the joint work, Nord Expo has shown itself as an executive contractor that fulfills its contractual obligations with good quality of work. The distinctive features of Nord Expo are its flexibility and mobility in solving technical problems, initiative and efficiency. We consider our cooperation with Nord Expo to be reliable and productive.

Director of «Concept M Design Bureau» S.P. Evdokimov.

Exhibition: «PRODEXPO - 2020»
Carrying out terms: 10-14 February, 2020
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

Letter of thanks from LMK

Lyskovsky Meat-Processing Plant LLC expresses gratitude to Nord Expo (Best Version LLC) for the manufacture and installation of the exhibition stand at the PRODEXPO-2020. A bright design project, effective interaction in the pre-exhibition period, timely development, taking into account all our adjustments, left only a good impression on the work of the entire Nord Expo team and allowed us to maintain the image of our company in a professional environment. We express special gratitude to the General Director Alexey Vladimirovich and manager Alexander Provotorov for prompt response to all inquiries and a positive attitude. We look forward to further cooperation.

Deputy General Director of LLC Lyskovsky Meat Processing Plant Zhelannov K.M.

Exhibition: «PRODEXPO - 2020»
Carrying out terms: 10-14 February, 2020
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

Letter of thanks from AKVADIV

We express our gratitude and gratitude to the team of Nord Expo / Best Version LLC and manager Mikhail Efimov, in particular, for effective cooperation in creating an exclusive stand of MOLINOVSCHIZNENSKY ALCOHOLIC AND FILLING PLANT - AQUADIV for participation in the PRODEXPO-2020 exhibition, which took place during the period February 2020, 10-14. We would especially like to note the creative approach shown by your company’s employees in the development of the stand’s layout design for us, as well as our willingness and ability to take into account the wishes of the customer. We want to note the professionalism, attentiveness, efficiency of the manager Mikhail Efimov in the implementation of all stages of cooperation: from the stage of creating a layout of an exclusive stand to the stage of dismantling the stand itself. We are glad to see the Nord Expo / Best Version LLC represented by our regular partners. We hope for long-term cooperation in the future.

General Director V. Chernov

Exhibition: «AQUATHERM MOSCOW - 2020»
Carrying out terms: 10-14 February, 2020
Carrying out place: CROCUS EXPO

Letter of thanks from RUPIPE

RUPIPE LLC expresses gratitude to the Nord Expo/Best Version LLC team for fruitful and effective cooperation, professionalism, quality of work, as well as a responsible, individual approach in developing a design project and making a stand at the «Aquatherm 2020» exhibition for our company. We wish the Best Version team prosperity, creative success and achievement of new heights in business!

Director of Rupipe LLC Lunev S.A.

Exhibition: «PRODEXPO - 2020»
Carrying out terms: 10-14 February, 2020
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

Letter of thanks from Areni

Areni company thanks the team of Nord Expo company for their professionalism, efficiency, quality and attitude to work. The developer has shown himself to be a conscientious partner, able to timely and at the proper level to complete all the work. We hope that in the future we will continue to cooperate with Nord Expo. Thank you for your work.

General Director of Areni JSC Dragutsan L.V.

Exhibition: «PRODEXPO - 2020»
Carrying out terms: 10-14 February, 2020
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

Letter of thanks from VITBA

Our gratitude to LLC Nord Expo for a worthy design project and construction of the exhibition stand No. 73С80 (pavilion 7 hall 3) in the framework of the 27th international exhibition of food, beverages and raw materials for their production "PRODEXPO 2020", held in Moscow, in the period from February 10-14, 2020. We thank you and your team for a modern, creative, qualified approach to work. The stand was built up efficiently and on time, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Excellent quality printing. The stand took a worthy place within the exposition and attracted attention. The manager of your company, Mikhail Efimov, has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, responsibility, efficiency and competence in solving the tasks and has recommended your company as a reliable and conscientious contractor in the implementation of this project. Take this opportunity to congratulate you and the strong half of your team since February 23. We wish you and the company team success, new projects and even more customers!

Deputy General Director of KPUP “KF“ VITBA ”Anatsko O.K.

Exhibition: «MVC - 2020»
Carrying out terms: 28-30 January, 2020
Carrying out place: VDNKh

Letter of thanks from HAVAY

Star international Saint Petersburg LLC expresses its gratitude to Nord Expo LLC for its cooperation and high level of service. All our wishes in the implementation of the stand at the exhibition "MVC 2020" were taken into account and made a reality. Special thanks to our Manager Mikhail Efimov. Thanks to his ability to respond quickly to our requests, the work was easy and simple. We wish your company reliable partners and development.

General Director of LLC «Ordamed» Ivanov A.V.

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