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Exhibition: «GOLDEN AUTUMN-2018»
Carrying out terms: October 10–13, 2018
Carrying out place: VDNKh

Letter of thanks from «CKR» Penza Region

LLC "Center for Cluster Development" of the Penza Region expresses gratitude to Nord Expo for the excellent efficiency in the decision-making process and the high-quality building of the double deck stand at the «Golden Autumn – 2018».
Representatives of the company Nord Expo for 2 months developed a design project of the stand, taking into account our numerous clarifications, for which we thank them very much.
The work team showed itself from the best side. I especially want to mention the chief of workers Gavrilov Ivan Viktorovich, for his responsiveness and professional approach to his work.
Nord Expo has earned our trust and desire to continue to work with them in the future. We wish your company always to conquer more and more new business tops and to be in constant improvement of the quality of customer service!

General Director Lyashkov M.Y.
Exhibition: «INTERCHARM-2018»
Carrying out terms: October 24–27, 2018
Carrying out place: CROCUS EXPO

Letter of thanks from «RUSSCO TRADE»

We express our gratitude and appreciation to you for the work on the installation of the exhibition stand at "Intercharm 2018", Crocus Expo.
During the period of our cooperation, your specialists have established themselves as professionals in their field. The works were performed in accordance with all requirements, with high quality and on time.
The optimal technical solutions proposed by you correspond to all requirements and standards, and cooperation with you left us with the most pleasant impressions. We would like to reiterate your professional approach to work, efficiency and readiness to listen to the customer's opinion.
We wish you further successful development and achievement of new heights in your business.

General Director Kim S.

Exhibition: «CeMAT Russia-2018»
Carrying out terms: September 24–26, 2018
Carrying out place: CROCUS EXPO

Letter of thanks from «FABS LOGISTIC»

FABS Logistic thanks Nord Expo (best-v.ru) for the operational work on the design project, as well as for the quality and quick construction of the exhibition stand. In addition to timely and high-quality construction work, Nord Expo distinguished itself by its benevolent and loyal attitude towards us as a Customer. We wish the whole team of Nord Expo prosperity and achievement of targets. We count on long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Managing Director Lopatkin V.V.

Exhibition: «DentalExpo-2018»
Carrying out terms: September 24–27, 2018
Carrying out place: CROCUS EXPO

Letter of thanks from «Dentis»

We express our gratitude to Nord Expo for the organization of the exhibition stand for our company « Dentis». It was 46th Dental Expo International Exhibition in Moscow in September 23-26, 2018.
Nord Expo has established itself as a reliable partner and a conscientious contractor, ready to meet the wishes and demands of its customers' needs, as well as solve complex tasks that sometimes require immediate action.
I’m also want to say, that we were extremely pleased with our partnership and we expect to the same productive cooperation for the future.

General Director Sorokina O.A.
Exhibition: «SAPE-2018», «MIOGE-2018»
Carrying out terms: April 10–13, 2018; June 18–21, 2018
Place of exhibition: Sochi, Main Media Center; Moscow, CROCUS EXPO.

VISITECH company appreciates "Nord Expo"

VISITECH company appreciates "Nord Expo" LLC as a reliable partner and diligent performer for the quality work and attention during the preparation of our stands for the exhibitions SAPE-2018 (IX International Exhibition on Industrial Safety and Labor Protection, Sochi) and MIOGE-2018 (XV International Exhibition "Oil and Gas", Moscow).

Through our close cooperation, prompt response and assistance of Nord Expo Ltd in solving any complexity issues, our company achieved high results and received positive feedback from the professional community about our participation in SAPE and MIOGE in 2018.

Yours faithfully,
Visitech LLC CEO, Milanov Rustam Nikolov

Exhibition: Climate World 2018
Carrying out terms: February 27 - March 2, 2018.
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

S-Holding thanks Nord Expo

The company "S-Holding" expresses its gratitude to Nord Expo for cooperation in the project for the design and installation of the S.Holding stand (trade marks Timberg, Hyundai, Scoole, Scarlett comfort) for the international specialized climatic exhibition "Climate World 2018".

We are pleased to note partner’s exclusively responsible and considerate approach at all stages of preparation and stand development, high quality of the executed works and client service.

Nord Expo confirmed its high professionalism and competence. I also want to emphasize the extraordinary creative approach of the staff in the work on the project.

We recommend Nord Expo as a professional and reliable partner.

Head of Trade-Marketing and PR Sedlova I.A.

Exhibition: « PRODEXPO-2018» Carrying out terms: February 05–09, 2017 Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

Letter of thanks from the company ODO «firma ABC»

ABS partners thanks the company Best Version for the successful and efficient work on the project and the building of the stand at PRODEXPO 2018. The management of the ABS company and the employees are satisfied with the work done by OOO Best Versiа and thank them for cooperation. Director company ODO «firma ABC» A.A.Hot`ko
Carrying out terms: November 07–10, 2017
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

Letter of thanks from the company «NIKA»

«Nika» Company thanks the team of «Nord –expo» for the professionalism to the preparation of the design project for the exhibition «Interlight-2017», for the quality and timely execution of construction. We express our gratitude to the entire team of «Nord-expo»: the leading project manager Piskunov Ivan, the technical director Yakhnitsa Ilya, and the foreman Alikhanov Timur and the assembly team for irreproachable loyalty to the client, quick response to all requests and comments, a quick solution to emerging problems and a constant positive.
We wish the staff of «Nord-expo» company further professional success and prosperity!
General manager M.S.Privalov
Exhibition: «ARMY-2017» - Kubinka,
«IMDS-2017» - St.Petersburg,
«MAKS-2017» - Zhukovskiy

BEE PITRON thanks Nord Expo Ltd.

Dear Alexey Vladimirovich!
Let me thank you for good cooperation in 2017. We hope that next year you will remain on the list of our partners.
I want to note the excellent work of your employees and the professionalism and efficiency that they showed in our joint work.
We wish you and your friendly team success in professional field.
With respect,
General manager N.A.Shevchenko

Exhibition: «DENTALEXPO-2017»
Carrying out terms: September 25–28, 2017
Carrying out place: CROCUS EXPO

The StaiNo Group of Companies expresses its gratitude to the team of NordExpo

The StaiNo Group of Companies expresses its gratitude to the team of NordExpo for the development of the design and quality construction of the StaiNo exhibition stand at the international exhibition Dental Expo 2017. We would like to note the detailed consultation at all stages of the work, the performance of all the works on time, the prompt resolution of all the arising issues.
Separately, we want to thank our manager Ivan Piskunov for professionalism and customer orientation, designers who took part in the project, as well as employees who directly built the stand.
Best regards,

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