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Exhibition: «INTERPOLITEX-2014»
Carrying out terms: October 21-24, 2014
Carrying out place: VDNHa

Dear Alexey!
     KlaSS formally expresses gratitude of the company Nord Expo for the high level of skill, professionalism, ability to find creative solutions for stand construction at the XVIII International Show INTERPOLITEX 2014.
     Quickly, just in time, with the original incarnation of the design was built stand. Positive feedback from partners and competitors who visited the stand - the best quality mark of the team of Nord Expo.
     Have your team further professional success, prosperity, and also express our confidence in further mutually beneficial cooperation.

Alternate Director General A.V. Baulin

Carrying out terms:
Sept. 03-07, 2014, Sept. 23–26, 2014
Carrying out place: VDNH, EXPOCENTRE

Azbookvarik thanks Nord Expo

Dear Alexey,
On behalf of the company Azbookvarik I would like to thank the Nord Expo for rapid and high-quality construction of the stands of our company at exhibitions "27 MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR " and "MIR DETSTVA 2014". Special appreciation we would like to Express for complex problem solving at all stages from inception of the design project of the exhibition stand before putting it on the site. During the joint project team of the company Nord Expo showed high professionalism, prompt response to all requests and comments, quick problem solving and consistently positive. It really is a team of professionals capable to execute the task.
Our collaboration has allowed the company to be presented at exhibitions and Azbookvarik to benefit financially from the project. We wish Your company's prosperity, development and success in all endeavors.
With gratitude for the opportunity and collaboration.

Commercial Director of Azbookvarik T.V. Buyankina

Exhibition: «21st World Petroleum Congress»
Carrying out terms: June 16 - 19, 2014
Carrying out place: CROCUS EXPO

RTL thanks Nord Expo

The company RTL thanks the company LLC "Best Version" for high level of service rendered in the design and construction of exhibition stand for participation in "World Oil exhibition - 2014".
I would particularly like to acknowledge the work of a Manager - Elena Smal for responsibility, attentiveness and responsiveness.
Taking into account positive experience of cooperation with LLC "Best Version" we hope for further cooperation and we recommend this company as a reliable partner.

Deputy sales Director Savitenko M.A.

Exhibition: «MIOGE-2014»
Carrying out terms: May 26 - 29, 2014
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

GPNS thanks Nord Expo

Dear Alexey Vladimirovich!
     The company "Gazpromneft-supply" expresses its sincere gratitude to the staff of LLC "Best Version" for creative solutions to develop exclusive design - projects and quality work on building our company stands at exhibitions "MIOGE - 2014" and «21st World Petroleum Congress».
     We would like to mention the high professional level of the team, which is working with us for several years. The company "Best Version" is not only a reliable builder, but also a company that is ready for fresh unexpected solutions.
     We wish your company's prosperity, success and look forward to further cooperation.

Deputy General Director for Commerce Svistunov A.A.

Exhibition: «Sviaz-Expocomm 2014»
Carrying out terms: May 13-16, 2014
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

nerSys thanks Nord Expo

Company "EnerSys" is grateful to members of Nord Expo for professional work and effective collaboration in the design and construction of exhibition stands at the exhibition "Sviaz-Expocomm 2014".

General Director of EnerSys Biryulev G.I.

Exhibition: «HOUSEHOLD EXPO - 2014»
Carrying out terms: March 18 - 21, 2014
Carrying out place: CROCUS EXPO

Plastic Republic thanks Nord Expo

The company "PLASTIC REPUBLIC" expresses its sincere gratitude to the company "Best Version" for the development of an attractive design project for the exhibition stand «HOUSEHOLD EXPO - 2014" and its timely development. Stand was made with all our wishes and attracted the attention of visitors. All work was carried out efficiently and on time.

General Director Naumenco P.I.

Exhibition: «NEW ELECTRONICS - 2014»
Carrying out terms: March 25 - 27, 2014
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

PACIFIC microelectronics thanks Nord Expo

The staff of the "Pacific Microelectronics" thank your company for the development of original and bright design of the stand for the exhibition "The new electronics in 2014." We were pleasantly surprised by the speed and quality of services rendered by you.
We would like to express my gratitude to our project manager Anne Lysytsya, patience, clarity perform tasks we have set ourselves and operational assistance in addressing force majeure.

Commercial Director A.V. Komissarov

Exhibition: «SKREPKAEXPO - 2014»
Carrying out terms: February 25 - 27, 2014
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

Fakel thanks Nord Expo

Company "Fakel -Prom " expresses gratitude to the staff of advertising - the exhibition company «Nord Expo» for building a booth "SKREPKAEXPO - 2014" held in "Crocus Expo", as well as for the support during the event.
I want to emphasize coherence of the whole team «Nord Expo», ready to realize the most daring design and development in any situation to meet the wishes of the client.
Deserves special thanks to the work of the project manager Anne Lysytsya, thanks to its professionalism and integrity, work was carried out efficiently and in a strictly allotted time.
For a great knowledge of all the technical intricacies of the construction of the stand and leadership team of reliable installers, thank Ilya Yahnitsu production manager.
Your input contributed greatly to the success of the event on our stand.
We wish prosperity to your company and hope for further fruitful cooperation, full of interesting ideas and suggestions!

Commercial Director of "Fakel-Prom" Zherebina E.D.

Exhibition: «PRODEXPO-2014»
Carrying out terms: February 10 - 14, 2014
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

AALTO thanks Nord Expo

AALTO company expresses gratitude to the staff of LLC "Best Version" for fruitful and effective cooperation, professionalism, quality of work, as well as responsible, individual approach to the development of design and construction of the project exclusive stand at the exhibition "PRODEXPO 2014" for our company.
We wish the team of Best Version of prosperity, success and reach new heights in business!
We hope for further fruitful cooperation!

General director of AALTO Trotskaya V.I.

Exhibition: «FURNITURE-2013»
Carrying out terms: November 18 - 22, 2013
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

ADEM GLASS thanks Nord Expo

ADEM company thanks the company Nord Expo for development of the design project stand construction at the exhibition "FURNITURE 2013". All work was done efficiently and on time. We wish your company's prosperity and success in business!

General director of ADEM GLASS Alekseev V. M.

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