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Exhibition: «INTERCHARM-2018»
Carrying out terms: October 24–27, 2018
Carrying out place: CROCUS EXPO

Letter of thanks from «RUSSCO TRADE»

We express our gratitude and appreciation to you for the work on the installation of the exhibition stand at "Intercharm 2018", Crocus Expo.
During the period of our cooperation, your specialists have established themselves as professionals in their field. The works were performed in accordance with all requirements, with high quality and on time.
The optimal technical solutions proposed by you correspond to all requirements and standards, and cooperation with you left us with the most pleasant impressions. We would like to reiterate your professional approach to work, efficiency and readiness to listen to the customer's opinion.
We wish you further successful development and achievement of new heights in your business.

General Director Kim S.

Exhibition: «MIOGE-2014»
Carrying out terms: May 26 - 29, 2014
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

GPNS thanks Nord Expo

Dear Alexey Vladimirovich!
     The company "Gazpromneft-supply" expresses its sincere gratitude to the staff of LLC "Best Version" for creative solutions to develop exclusive design - projects and quality work on building our company stands at exhibitions "MIOGE - 2014" and «21st World Petroleum Congress».
     We would like to mention the high professional level of the team, which is working with us for several years. The company "Best Version" is not only a reliable builder, but also a company that is ready for fresh unexpected solutions.
     We wish your company's prosperity, success and look forward to further cooperation.

Deputy General Director for Commerce Svistunov A.A.

Exhibition: «GOLDEN AUTUMN-2018»
Carrying out terms: October 10–13, 2018
Carrying out place: VDNKh

Letter of thanks from «CKR» Penza Region

LLC "Center for Cluster Development" of the Penza Region expresses gratitude to Nord Expo for the excellent efficiency in the decision-making process and the high-quality building of the double deck stand at the «Golden Autumn – 2018».
Representatives of the company Nord Expo for 2 months developed a design project of the stand, taking into account our numerous clarifications, for which we thank them very much.
The work team showed itself from the best side. I especially want to mention the chief of workers Gavrilov Ivan Viktorovich, for his responsiveness and professional approach to his work.
Nord Expo has earned our trust and desire to continue to work with them in the future. We wish your company always to conquer more and more new business tops and to be in constant improvement of the quality of customer service!

General Director Lyashkov M.Y.

Exhibition: «Sviaz-Expocomm 2014»
Carrying out terms: May 13-16, 2014
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

nerSys thanks Nord Expo

Company "EnerSys" is grateful to members of Nord Expo for professional work and effective collaboration in the design and construction of exhibition stands at the exhibition "Sviaz-Expocomm 2014".

General Director of EnerSys Biryulev G.I.

Exhibition: «LesDrevMash-2018»
Carrying out terms: October 22–25, 2018
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

Letter of thanks from RemaSawco / CGV AB

RemaSawco OY and S. Gunnarssons Verkstads AB express their sincere thanks to the entire NordExpo team for the design and installation of the stand for «LesDrevMash 2018». In the process of cooperation, from the moment of our first appeal to create a design project and until the delivery of the exhibition stand, the experts of NordExpo professionally and flawlessly carried out their tasks. All the design and installation works were completed exactly within a certain period, taking into account our wishes and needs. Thanks to the proposed design solution, which reflected the basic principles and ideas of our companies, as well as the high-quality construction of the stand itself, we were adequately represented at the exhibition, which had a positive effect on the promotion of our brands in the Russian market. I would especially like to mention the client manager Alexander Ivasenko for his professionalism, patience and attentive attitude towards the customer, a positive attitude in his work, detailed advice on all issues, the ability to find a way out of non-standard situations.
We recommend the NordExpo team as a reliable partner and true professionals.

Business Development Manager Mikael Jacobsson

Exhibition: «HOUSEHOLD EXPO - 2014»
Carrying out terms: March 18 - 21, 2014
Carrying out place: CROCUS EXPO

Plastic Republic thanks Nord Expo

The company "PLASTIC REPUBLIC" expresses its sincere gratitude to the company "Best Version" for the development of an attractive design project for the exhibition stand «HOUSEHOLD EXPO - 2014" and its timely development. Stand was made with all our wishes and attracted the attention of visitors. All work was carried out efficiently and on time.

General Director Naumenco P.I.

Exhibition: «Pharmtech & Ingredients 2018»
Carrying out terms: November 20–23, 2018
Carrying out place: CROCUS EXPO

Letter of thanks from Aero Pump and URSATEC

Aero Pump and URSATEC are grateful to the Nord Expo team for their professional approach to the design development and stand construction at the «Pharmtech & Ingredients 2018» exhibition CROCUS EXPO.
During the work, Nord Expo proved to be a bona fide partner, capable of timely and efficiently carrying out all the work, making recommendations and taking into account the wishes of the customer.
Having chosen this company, we were pleased with the cooperation with it. We confirm the professionalism of the Nord Expo team. We wish the company Nord Expo prosperity and stable development.

Regards and best regards
Aero Pump GmbH

Exhibition: «NEW ELECTRONICS - 2014»
Carrying out terms: March 25 - 27, 2014
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

PACIFIC microelectronics thanks Nord Expo

The staff of the "Pacific Microelectronics" thank your company for the development of original and bright design of the stand for the exhibition "The new electronics in 2014." We were pleasantly surprised by the speed and quality of services rendered by you.
We would like to express my gratitude to our project manager Anne Lysytsya, patience, clarity perform tasks we have set ourselves and operational assistance in addressing force majeure.

Commercial Director A.V. Komissarov

Exhibition: «ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE-2018»
Carrying out terms: December 03–07, 2018
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

Letter of thanks from MedExpert

MedExpert expresses its gratitude to the Nord Expo team for the design and installation of the stand at the «ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE-2018» exhibition. All the work that were set were completed on time according to the contract. We would like to express our special thanks to our personal manager, Aleksandr Ivasenko, who throughout the entire time led our project. Alexander has such qualities as: professionalism, loyalty to the client, efficiency, resourcefulness, which make him a professional. We recommend Nord Expo as a reliable partner and professionals.

General Director Dzhankurazova A.M

Exhibition: «SKREPKAEXPO - 2014»
Carrying out terms: February 25 - 27, 2014
Carrying out place: EXPOCENTRE

Fakel thanks Nord Expo

Company "Fakel -Prom " expresses gratitude to the staff of advertising - the exhibition company «Nord Expo» for building a booth "SKREPKAEXPO - 2014" held in "Crocus Expo", as well as for the support during the event.
I want to emphasize coherence of the whole team «Nord Expo», ready to realize the most daring design and development in any situation to meet the wishes of the client.
Deserves special thanks to the work of the project manager Anne Lysytsya, thanks to its professionalism and integrity, work was carried out efficiently and in a strictly allotted time.
For a great knowledge of all the technical intricacies of the construction of the stand and leadership team of reliable installers, thank Ilya Yahnitsu production manager.
Your input contributed greatly to the success of the event on our stand.
We wish prosperity to your company and hope for further fruitful cooperation, full of interesting ideas and suggestions!

Commercial Director of "Fakel-Prom" Zherebina E.D.

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