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Exhibition "LEISURE 2006"
Dates 19 - 22 September 2006.
Venue: Expocentr

Paradise Company is grateful to the company "Best Versiya"

Paradise Company is grateful to the company "Best Versiya", for the quality work done in the manufacture of the stand at the exhibition "Leasure 2006". Thank you to staff who have shown special attention to our needs and requirements fulfilled in a timely manner, without any flaws, with all responsibility and integrity. Our company was pleased with the result and we look forward to further fruitful cooperation. We wish you success and prosperity.

Director General SV Grave
Exhibition "COMMUNICATION - EXPOCOM - 2006"
Date 10 - 13 May 2006.
Venue: Expocentr

Ltd. "Mercury" (Center for distribution NOKIA)

Ltd. "Mercury" (Center for distribution NOKIA) participated in the exhibition "Communication - Expocom - 2006. When you select the builder of our booth we stopped at the company "Best Versiya". Management LLC Mercury notes that company "Best Versiya" with high quality manufactured all the constructive elements of the stand and made a quick installation. Stopping the choice on this company, we were pleased to cooperate with it. Recommended company "Best Versiya" as a reliable and professional partner.

The Director-General O. N. Podrez
Exhibition "PHOTOFORUM-2006"
Dates 13 - 17 April 2006.
Venue: Crocus Expo

LLC "FOTOMARKETT" expresses its gratitude .

LLC "FOTOMARKETT" expresses its gratitude to the company "Best Versiya" for a conscientious and responsible approach to every phase of preparing our exhibition stand at the exhibition "PhotoForum 2006. The company "Best Versiya" has developed for us a striking, and most importantly functional design of the stand. Work on the building of the stand produced and efficiently, managers of companies have shown true professionalism in his business. Our company has remained very pleased with the fruitful bilateral cooperation with the company "Best Versiya". We hope for further fruitful cooperation in the advertising and exhibition area.

Director of "Fotomarkett" AB Razuvaev
Exhibition "PRODEXPO 2006
Dates 13 - 17 February 2006.
Venue: Expocentr

Company "argument-XX" expresses its gratitude

Company Argument-XX takes part in the annual exhibition "PRODEXPO. This exhibition is for us one of the key during the year. In 2006, we had first agreed on cooperation in the development of exclusive design and construction of exhibition booth at this exhibition with "Best Versiya". At all stages of cooperation, ranging from the creation of design - design to installation of structures at the venue, the staff of "Best Versiya" showed great professionalism and sensitivity to all our requests. Design - Project booth highlighted the style of our company and once again clearly showed us in a series of competitors and the quality of work performed during the construction of the stand was at a high level.

We look forward to continued mutually beneficial cooperation in the future.

N.A. Korolev
Exhibition "PRODEXPO 2006
Dates 13 - 17 February 2006.
Venue: Expocentr

Confectionery Association «Confashion» thanks the company "Best Versiya" .

Confectionery Association «Confashion» to thank the company "Best Versiya" for the quality and timely work done on the development of project design and construction of the exhibition stand of our company at the exhibition "PRODEXPO 2006. Guide «Confashion» emphasizes professionalism of the company "Best Versiya" who managed to fully realize all our wishes in its development. Association «Confashion» confident that the company "Best Versiya" will maintain a preset high professional level of new successful projects and that our future cooperation will be equally successful.

General director of «Confashion» N.L. Urazovskaya
Exhibition "Underground City 2006"
Dates 25 - 27 January 2006.
Venue: Gostiniy Dvor

«Bamtonnelstroy "expresses gratitude to the company" Best Versiya "

«Bamtonnelstroy "expresses its gratitude to the company" Best Versiya "for operational and quality stand construction at the exhibition" Underground City - 2006 ".

Zam. Director General SN Auzina
Exhibition "PRODEXPO 2005»
Dates 14 - 18 February 2005.
Venue: Expocentr

The company "Signum" thanks "Best Versiya"

The company "Signum" expresses its gratitude to the company "Best Versiya" for the quality and operational work performed on the design and construction of the stand. At each stage of preparation of our company stand "Best Versiya" shows a conscientious and responsible approach to work. It's no secret that the success of exhibiting at presentation depends largely on how he presented it, from the design and workmanship of its stand, the availability of souvenirs, bright and colorful brochures. Our company was satisfied design of the stand, and professionalism, which was carried out booth "Signum", appreciated not only by us and our visitors, but also competitors.

Gen. Director Vladimir Melnikov
Exhibition : «Rosupak-2005 "
Dates 20 - 24 June 2005.
Venue: Crocus Expo

Company Pakking Group thanks the company "Best Versiya"

Company Pakking Group thanks the company "Best Versiya" for professionalism, efficiency and collaboration in the work. Our company received the expected result - a beautiful design work and timely stand construction. Also, a full range of services for souvenirs, which we need to participate in «Rosupak 2005». The original design of the stand is implemented taking into account the style of our organization, were conditioned basic requirements of corporate identity and corporate design, which allowed our stand is worthy to look at the background of our competitors.

Commercial Director VA Altynov
Exhibition «WORLD FOOD-2005"
Dates 20 - 23 September 2005.
Venue: Expocentr

Company Slavyansalat thanks.

Company Slavyansalat to thanks "Best Versiya" for a fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation in the exhibition «WORLD FOOD-2005". The company "Best Versiya" will provide comprehensive training to our company for the exhibition, which includes the operational and quality performance on the development of design - project and construction of the stand and provide all the necessary souvenirs and printed products. Once again, we were very pleased with the joint cooperation.

Director General S. Kulyk

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