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Exhibition «Mosbuild 2009»
Dates 31 March - 03 April 2009.
Venue: Crocus Expo

JSC TH" Albes "thanks LLC Best Versiya

JSC TH "Albes" thanks company "Best Versiya" for their assistance in organizing and building an exhibition stand. It should be noted the high level of professionalism, efficiency and responsibility in the performance of the order, the willingness to solve complex problems and meet the requirements of the client. We hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation and once again thank you for such careful attention to the client.

Director of Marketing Kitaev M.V.
Exhibition: "Interawto 2008"
Dates 27 - 31 August 2008
Venue: Crocus Expo

The company Agis Motors thanks LLC Best Versiya

Trading House "Agis Motors thanks the company" Best Versiya "for help in organizing the exhibition" Interawto 2008 and the construction of the stand. The high professionalism of the company "Best Versiya", a flexible approach to our wishes and responsibility in work have helped us to achieve the main objectives of the exhibition. Thank you for the constructive engagement and look forward to further mutually beneficial cooperation.

Zam. Director Sobolev M.A.

Exhibition "AQUA THERM 2008"
Dates 11 - 14 March 2008.
Venue: Expocentr

Company Rendstroy thanks LLC Best Versiya

The exhibition "AQUA THERM 2008" company "Best Version" stand to be built for "Rendstroy. Despite the tough organicheniya time allowed VC's Fairgrounds for stand construction, especially in view of its complexity, the company "Best Versiya" has successfully coped with its task. In inferences, our company has to show a beautiful, functional and high-quality stand that matches the image of "Rendstroy». We thank the company "Best Versiya" for the outstanding work and attention to us - their customers and look forward to further cooperation.

Marketeer Commerce Group "Rendstroy" E. Nazarova

Exhibition "MILLIONAIRE FAIR 2007"
Dates 22 - 25 November 2007.
Venue: Expocentr

Company «Luxury Air Jets» thanks LLC Best Versiya

Company «Luxury Air Jets» Inc. thanks to the company "Best Versiya" for the outstanding work in preparing the booth for the exhibition «MILLIONAIRE FAIR» - 2007 ". By virtue of their professional competence company «Luxury Air Jets» familiar with the level of the best international standards in terms of quality of services. We have absolute confidence that cooperation with "Best Versiya" has complied with all requirements of quality of service (staff competence, compliance agreements, the correctness of communication, compassion, kindness and understanding of the client, etc.), in accordance with international standards.

We hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation!

Director «Luxury Air Jets» INC. Igor Kotlyar


Exhibition "Mosbuild 2007"
Dates for 2003 - 06 April 2007.
Venue: Crocus Expo

Company «On / Off Systems» thanks LLC Best Versiya

Company «On / Off Systems» thank the company "Best Versiya" for the professionalism displayed in preparation for the exhibition «Mosbuild 2007. Excellent work, clarity of execution, composure as possible - all this has allowed us to become one of the best stand at the exhibition. We hope that further cooperation will be equally successful.

Art Director IV Kochetov
TransRussia 2007
Dates 27 - 30 March 2007.
Location: SK "Olympic"

Company Taysu Lodzhistik thanks LLC Best Versiya

Company Taysu Lodzhistik thanked the company "Best Versiya" for the prompt and quality work done on the development of design - the project and construction of exhibition booth at the exhibition "TRANSRUSSIA 2007. We hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation in future exhibitions.

Gen. Director AE Bubentsov
Exhibition: Expoclean 2006
Dates 28 November - 01 December 2006.
Location: SK "Olympic"

Company Torus expresses sincere gratitude.

Company Torus expresses sincere gratitude to the company "Best Versiya" for his work on the development of design and construction of exhibition booth at the exhibition "Expoclean 2006. It is worth noting the professionalism of managers, designers refined taste, smooth and quick work of installers. Personally would like to mention a manager Christine for their attention, punctuality, and tact. We hope for successful cooperation in future exhibitions and presentations.

Executive Director IV Ryabov
Exhibition "Furniture 2006"
Dates 21 - 25 November 2006.
Venue: Expocentr

Furniture company AB Line thanks

Furniture company AB Line thanks Ltd. "Best Versiya" for its assistance in the manufacture of custom booth at the exhibition "Furniture 2006". Employees of the company "Best Version" done the work and efficiently, thus ensuring proper representation of our company and its products at the international level. Work with "Best Versiya" easy and pleasant. We hope that these projects we will implement the same successfully.

Advertising Manager Volkova
Exhibition " Ski & Board Salon 2006"
Dates 02 - 04 November 2006.
Venue: Gostiniy Dvor

Company FISHER thanks the company "Best Versiya"

Company FISHER thanked the company "Best Versiya" for the best alternative design - the project of exhibition stand and high quality work at building up the exhibition area at the exhibition " Ski & Board Salon - 2006".

Director-General J. Fisher
Exhibition Interpolitech 2006 "
Dates 17 - 20 October 2006.
Venue: the All-Russia Exhibition Centre

"Center for special engineering structures”

"Center of special engineering structures of Research and Development Institute electronic equipment" expresses gratitude to the staff MER "Best Versiya" for a professional approach to the design and construction for Std X-th international exhibition of police and military equipment Interpolitech 2006. During the work the company "Best Versiya" proved to be an honest partner, capable of promptly and accurately perform all work, make recommendations and take into account the wishes of the customer. Customers pay particular attention to style and composition of the stand, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the exhibition for our company. We hope for further cooperation.

Director O. Shapoval
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